All vehicles are sold on an "as-is" basis unless stated otherwise. All prices plus sales tax and doc fees  where applicable. Picture may not represent actual vehicle. Prices and special offers are subject to change. Mileage listings are estimates and are not necessarily accurate odometer readings due to customer test drives, mechanical test drives, etc. Some vehicle information and vehicle pricing may be unintentionally missing or inaccurate. Pricing errors and listing errors are considered invalid and may or may not be honored at the sole discretion of Ada County Auto Sales LLC  DBA 208 Auto Sales. All sales are final .Most of the vehciles on the lot are sold cash no in house financing unless otherwise specified. Customer is agreeing to pay the full amount on the contract IF  "buy here pay here" is used. No refunds or returns . It is the customer's responsibility for any mechanical or cosmetic repairs and not the dealers after the sale.  Vehicles are bought from private parties, auctions, trade ins, etc. 208 Auto sales visually and mechanically inspect vehicles to the best of their ability and knowledge but there are no guarantees with a used vehicle to know the complete performance/life  of the engine, transmission suspension or electrical of any used car.

Customers over 18 are allowed to test drive vehicles with a valid government ID and the discretion of the representative.  Customers are fully responsible for any accident involving the vehicle in question. If misuse of the vehicle occurs, the customer shall be responsible for any mechanical or cosmetic repairs. Customers under 18 are allowed to test drive with another adult present taking full responsibility of the under age driver. A "dealer plate" will be accommodated on the test drive for legality purposes and a picture of the photo ID will be taken for risk measure. Its up to the driver to be responsible and not lose or damage the dealer plate and return it once the test drive is over.

Paperwork shall be done at the office during business hours. 6% will be collected from purchaser at the time of sale unless the vehicle will be registered out of state including Oregon or unless otherwise written. A doc fee of $199 may be collected at the time of sale.  A buyers guide "AS-IS" will be signed by customer informing them of any possible failures the may occur after the purchase that the dealer is no legally responsible for. It is up to the purchaser to remove the vehicle from the lot unless otherwise agreed upon.